Introducing Shreveport Field Gay!

We are so excited that you are going to participate in this outdoor community activity of fun and festivities. Our event is open to anyone and everyone in the community who wants to celebrate and support Pride in Shreveport. There are two ways to register: As a team (5-8 Players) and as an individual. Individual registrants will be grouped into Teams or fill gaps in Teams on the day of the event so that everyone can play!

The funds raised will be used to put on our big event later this year and a portion of all funds raised this year will benefit The Philadelphia Center which provides HIV/AIDS resources in Northwest Louisiana.

Advance registration for Field Gay has closed!

Limited slots will be available on a first come, first served basis for signup beginning at 9:30am on Saturday at A.C. Steere Park.



Like many classic field day games, the eight Core Games of Field Gay require two Teams compete or play. Many games require 4-5 Players to participate where some require as few as two. Teams (which should consist of no fewer than five and no more than eight Players) must pick the Players best suited to compete in the game at hand. Teams will rotate through all of the the Core Games using a schedule which will be provided on the day of the event. Each of the eight games should take between 7-15 minutes to complete, including instruction time.

Once all Teams have completed each of the Core Games, Points will be tallied and the top three scoring teams will advance to the Semifinals. The remaining non-finalist Teams will participate in a massive game to determine the fourth team to enter the Semifinals as a Wild Card.

The four Semifinalist teams will compete in two separate games of Kickball — 1st vs. 3rd place and 2nd vs. the Wild Card. The winner of each of the Semifinal games of Kickball will advance to the Finals in a game of Capture the Flag. The winner of Capture the Flag will become the Field Gay Champions!



The primary goal of each game is to amass as many Points as possible. Points are what will ultimately determine who advances to the Field Gay Finals. Score cards are issued to and kept by each Team. As a game is played, Referees will keep track of score including winners of game rounds, Skill Points earned, and errors that can remove Points from a given game score. Not all games are entirely competitive against the team you’re playing with. In some games, skill alone will earn a Team points. The maximum possible score any team could win by completing all eight games is 100. In order to achieve this, a Team would need to win every competition, make no errors, and go for Skill Points. How Points are won (or lost) for each game are detailed with each game description below.


Below is a list of games that will be played during Field Gay. Some games are more accessible to differently-abled persons than others. Games that have accessible components are indicated by a blue icon.


Strength + Proper Application of Leverage

How to Play: Teams each select FIVE players each pull a rope across their team’s goal line to win. Each team plays three games against their opponent. Teams may optionally change out Players after each game, but no Player may remain in the same position in the line as the previous game.

Scoring: Each victory awards the winning team 5 Points. Teams can win up to 15 Points if they win all three games.


Coordination + Speed

How to Play: Teams each select FOUR players to compete split into two pairs of racers. Each pair of players are bound at the ankles for a 50 yard race.

Scoring: 1st place: 8 Points, 2nd place: 5 Points, 3rd place: 3 Points, 4th place: 0 Points. Teams can win up to 13 Points if their Players win first and second place in the race.



How to Play: Each Team selects ONE Player to compete in a round. In each round, the Player from each Team straps a shake box to their body (be it an arm, a head, or a derriere) and must shake the balls out of the box. The first Team to empty the box wins the round. Two rounds are played, each time with different Players.

Scoring: Each victory awards the winning team 5 Points. Teams can win up to 10 Points if they win both rounds.


Hand/Eye Coordination

How to Play: Teams compete with ALL Players in rotation. Players take turns shooting a ball into the six arranged barrels. If a Player opts to bounce the ball to make their shot, the defending Team may swipe from behind the designated line. When a shot is landed, the corresponding barrel is removed. If a ball is caught by an opposing Team, they may remove a barrel of their choice. Teams are allowed to reform the barrels ONCE per game.

Scoring: Winning Team receives 10 Points.



How to Play: Teams select FOUR Players to hula for five minutes. Each minute, another hoop is added until one is left standing. In the second round, each of the teams’ longest-lasting Players is replaced and the Teams play again.

Scoring: The winning Team receives 5 Points per round. If a Player can sustain more than three hoops for more than 10 seconds, the Team earns a Skill Point for each hoop over three with a maximum of 2 Skill Points per Team per round. Teams can win up to 14 Points if they win both rounds and earn the Skill Points.


Balance + Speed

How to Play: Teams select FIVE Players to compete in a relay of carrying pizza boxes. Each time a leg of the relay is complete, the number of pizza boxes is increased. Leg 1 is one box, Leg 2 is three boxes, Leg 3 is five boxes, Leg 4 is seven boxes, Leg 5 is ten boxes. IF boxes are dropped the player returns to the last checkpoint.

Scoring: Winning Team: 10 Points. If a Team DROPS NO BOXES during the relay, they are awarded 4 Skill Points. Teams can win up to 14 Points if they win the relay AND drop no boxes.



How to Play: Teams select TWO players each — a Walker and a Talker. The Walker is blindfolded and must navigate the obstacle course. The Talker is the only member of the Team allowed to communicate with the Walker. Walkers must traverse the course in 3 minutes or less while avoiding hitting obstacles. Teams then switch courses, selecting new Players. The Talker position is an accessible position.

Scoring: Each Team starts with 5 Points. One Point is deducted for each obstacle the Walker hits. The first Team across the finish line gets 2 Skill Points. Teams that do not cross the finish line by the end of the 3 minutes get zero Points. Each Team walks away with the Points remaining after errors are deducted. Teams can win up to 14 Points if they cross the finish line first in both rounds AND hit no obstacles.



How to Play: Teams select FIVE players each. The Players line up in a row and are each given a cup. At the front of the line is a trough of water. At the back of the line is a bucket. Facing forward, the first Player of each Team dips their cup into the trough and must pour the water behind their head, without looking, into the next Player’s cup. The final Player at the end of the line may turn around to fill the bucket.

Scoring: The Team with the most water in their bucket at the end of 5 minutes is declared the winner. Winner receives 10 Points.



All of the non Semifinalist Teams participate in a large group race to determine the WILD CARD. Each Team is given a rope that must fit around FIVE of the Team’s Players. The Team that wins the race becomes the Wild Card team and enters the Semifinals.


Speed + Accuracy

First Team to 10 scores wins. However, wins must be achieved with a two score lead. If the score reaches 14 points with no winner, the game will enter SUDDEN DEATH and the winner will be determined by a game of Roshambo. Some positions, such as pitcher, may be accessible.



The two Finalist Teams play a game of Capture the Flag. Players must capture the opposing Team’s flag while protecting their own. The first Team to capture their opponents’ flag and return it to their base is the winner is crowned FIELD GAY CHAMPIONS!